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DJ Tommy Scott has been playing your favorite music at events for more than 20 years!  Weddings, Schools, Proms, Banquets, Company Functions, Birthdays, Cook-Offs, Pool Parties, Fashion Shows and more. We handle events of all sizes. We provide quality entertainment at an affordable and budget conscious price. 
Our rates are the best in the business. Low rates, quality service and an exceptional sound system.  Book your event now and we will do a 4 hour event for $700.  Price is good for Dallas, Collin and Rockwall counties, call for rates in other locations.  
We are  wedding ceremony & reception specialists. We help you plan the order of your formalities in addition to acting as your MC and event coordinator. We will even help you pick your songs if necessary. 
Your special event is very important to us and we customize our services to suit your special requests and music choices.
We carry the widest selection of Music to every event.  We encourage and play your requests.
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Wedding DJ Blog

Looking Forward to 2018

by Tommy Scott on 12/27/17

Well friends, another year comes to a close and we look toward yet another successful and awesome year in 2018 for our DFW DJ and Photo Booth services.

2017 was a great year, I Djed 84 Events mostly weddings! I had 77 Photo Booth Rentals! Would have never been able to pull that off without the help of Melina, Misty, Susan, Cheryl, Christi, Ahna and Gayle! Thank you!

I met a lot of great couples this year, hoping they all have a great year also. There are several companies I have had the pleasure to work with for several years! Thank you Wisteria Place, DD Ranch, Brilliant Events, Wonderland Montessori Academy, Oak ridge School, North Texas Municipal Water District, Baylor Surgicare, and Baylor Interdisciplinary Core! I also worked events with many companies for the first time this year, hopefully we can do events together next year!

I am looking forward to using the experience from all these events, to improve the service I provide both as a DJ, MC, Host and in the Photo Booth rentals!

So many friends have refered me to their friends and family, I can’t thank each of you enough!

I am hoping everyone has an awesome New Year!

My Favorite Venue!

by Tommy Scott on 06/27/16


There are a lot of great venues to choose from in the DFW area.  They all have their own unique features.  The Wisteria Place in Mesquite is a great venue for wedding with less than 100 guests.  It is located at 902 South Bryan Beltline Rd., in Mesquite.  When you first pull up to it, other than the sign in front, it doesn’t really look like a wedding venue.  Once you go inside it is very nice, with a large open room for the reception.  It has a special room for the bride to get ready in.  On the backside, it has a very large covered patio, a very nice pond with ducks swimming, and a beautiful lawn and gazebo for out door weddings.  It is one of the most affordable places and is all-inclusive.  Their prices include decorations, tables, chairs, linens, catering, beverages (water, tea and lemonade), Champaign fountain, and the DJ.  You do have to find your own cake, Photographer, and flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres.  They do have a bar option for an extra fee, you bring your own alcohol and they provide a bartender to serve it.  They also have a Photo Booth and Chocolate fountain available for rent.


If you are looking for a venue, check them out

Send Off Ideas

by Tommy Scott on 06/14/16

Over the years I have the pleasure to DJ hundreds of wedding, even attended a few as a guest.  Some weddings just kind of end while others plan a send off.  Send offs are kind of tricky sometimes.  You seem to start losing guests after 3 or 4 hours, there are exceptions but this is my experience.   That is something to think about, especially when the ceremony and reception are taking place at separate venues. Sometime photographers like to stage fake send offs, so that they can get a picture with more people.  The problem there is it still signals to some guests the party is over even though we make announcements explaining it’s just for pictures. I suggest if you are going to do a fake send off, to wait as long as you can and judge it by when you are losing guests.

My real idea about writing this was to discuss send off ideas.  Traditionally rice was thrown at the newly weds as they left and that became taboo because the rice choked birds.  So people started throwing birdseed instead, either way they don’t make good pictures in day or night pictures.

Daytime – Sendoffs, I recommend bubble, they are inexpensive, you can buy them at the Dollartree, Party City, Hobby Lobby and online.  I would also recommend buying a few of the toy bubble guns, these can put out a lot more bubbles, give these to the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  It is generally not a good idea to do bubbles inside as it does make wood and tile floors slick

Nighttime – sendoffs, Sparklers look great in pictures.  Buy the long ones, and try to find easy lighting ones.  The short ones don’t last as long, if you have a lot of guests they can be fizzling at the front of the line while the end of the line is still lighting.  Also the heart shaped ones don’t create the effect that people expect.  Some venues don’t allow sparklers due to city ordinances or insurance reasons.  A great alternative is glow sticks.  Remember to get the long ones, like they use for necklaces, these will look the best. 



Wedding Planning Rule Number One

by Tommy Scott on 05/17/16

The #1 Rule when planning your Wedding…IT”S A CELEBRATION!! So, Don’t over think it. If you allow the planning of your wedding to stress you out or ruin the process, you don’t need to be having a wedding. Allow yourself to be in the moment, to enjoy the process, to leave behind the things you don’t need, to accept the things you cannot control or change, and to have fun! It’s Your Wedding, don’t allow relatives or friends to have too much influence, such that it takes away the “you” part of your wedding. You NEED a Venue, Food, Alcohol, Entertainment, a Minister/Rabbi/Officiant, Photographer, and some flowers…you should strongly consider a Month Of Coordinator, A creative designer/florist, a videographer, and a cake/dessert baker. Beyond that, there are things you might want, which will make the event more fun and memorable, but start with the things you know you need and get that part under control. If you’re a busy/highly successful person, you should hire someone (a Professional Wedding Planner) to help you design the decor and timelines and to help hire the vendors, but you probably already know that if you’re a highly successful person. Finally, the entertainment, (which we are biased about) is crucial to the “memorable” and “Fun” factor…choose wisely. If you’re one of our current or previous clients, hopefully you feel that you made the right choice! CELEBRATE, LOVE, DANCE, and LIVE Happily Ever After! Happy Planning friends!